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August 2002

"And the Nominees Are..."
Added: August 13 2002

One of the caveats of working at home is that I can occasionally have the TV on in the background while I work. Monday afternoon, for some unexplained reason, it was tuned to MTV. At one point during this lengthy brain-washing session, I heard Suchin Pak mumble something about the upcoming Eminem movie.

The Whopper Mile
Added: August 17 2002

Okay, I had something else planned for this Musing, but a event I witnessed on Thursday night has taken precedence. My life so boring, it's rare that anything from it is worth talking about, so I'm happy to take the opportunity when it comes.

Pearl Jam: Major Label Band
Added: August 26 2002

You know, I've spent years holding up Pearl Jam as my prime example of a fan-friendly band. But, this past week, they did something that I would never have expected out of my fan-friendliest band - the band that I've used for years as my perfect example of how bands should treat their fans.

What the Hell Are They Doing in There?
Added: August 29 2002

By the time you read this, there's a good chance you'll already know whether or not baseball went on strike.


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