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March 2004

Blog, Journal, or Waste of Time?
Added: March 3 2004

As rarely as I get around to writing something interesting or useful for this site, I can't help but wonder if I'm playing my life too close to the chest. What exactly constitutes good "blogging"? And is it really worth reading?

Unexpected Change Can Be Good (?)
Added: March 6 2004

Honestly, my life is usually really, really simple. Work, eat, sleep, play Ultimate, write some music, rinse, repeat. This week was just stupid. Too many instances of "unexpected change". I can't believe it's not mid-March yet.

The Life and Times of Toenail
Added: March 24 2004

Just because I know nobody reads this crap... more mumblings about my life and times. Plus, the exciting (almost) conclusion to the toenail saga!


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