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September 2003

Fun with Earthlink
Added: September 9 2003

This space was originally going to be filled with a nice fun rant about Earthlink. Instead, it's filled with a story of bad times with a surprise ending. Still about Earthlink, though.

Winning at Ultimate
Added: September 13 2003

I figure now that this site's semi-automated, I might as well use it to yap more often. But, naturally, that means yapping about subjects other than specific news-worthy topics or relating the bizarre episodes of my ancient history. So let's go with something more current. This month marks my tenth year of playing semi-competitive Ultimate. (Aka, "frisbee", but Wham-O owns the trademark, so it's just Ultimate.) I would say "competitive", but I've played on a number of teams that weren't exactly, um, competitive.

Ouch. And a Music Update.
Added: September 19 2003

Well, I smashed the crap out of my hand last night. Went down trying to catch a frisbee, and tried to push off the ground to get back up with my right index finger. Um, let's just say it didn't work.

Cassettes: A Novelty
Added: September 22 2003

As I mentioned previously, I started recording again this past week. Nothing official, just demoing songs to see if anything works. But I came upon a major glitch today.

Fun with Earthlink II: Electric Boogaloo
Added: September 29 2003

Proving once again that the sequel always sucks...


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