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June 2002

My Weeks of Soundgarden
Added: June 1 2002

My current music listenings seem to be ranging in two categories: Soundgarden and Soundgarden-related.

The Tom Linton Interview Explained
Added: June 2 2002

Granted that it's been three years since the interview was conducted, let me see if I can put it into some context.

Treasure in the Bargain Bin
Added: June 4 2002

One of my occasional pastime hobbies is scouring the bargain bins at indie record stores. It's amazing what you can find.

The 35-Minute CD
Added: June 5 2002

I used to think filling a CD to its maximum was a good thing. Now, I'm not so sure.

More Thoughts on the 35-Minute CD
Added: June 8 2002

Okay, it's possible that someone will read my concept about the 35-minute CD and respond, "Chris, you're out of your mind. It's not fair to bands to make them record a 35-minute CD if they don't want to record a 35-minute CD. Music is about art, and art can't be defined by a specific, pre-determined time-length."

Eye Strain and the Misery Threshold
Added: June 11 2002

My monitor blew up Sunday night.

The Day I Realized I Was Kind of a Snob
Added: June 14 2002

It's weird being a social misfit. Your perspective can be somewhat skewed.

Getting One More Chance
Added: June 19 2002

I've been sitting on this story for days. I have no way of sharing my excitement with the relevant parties at the moment, so I figured why not share with the three people who read this site.

Debating "The Pearl Jam Effect"
Added: June 25 2002

In recent weeks, pop-techno-artist-extraordinaire Moby has written in his online diary about what he sees as a phenomenon in the music industry that he dubs "The Pearl Jam Effect".

Adding Something New to the Mix
Added: June 29 2002

As usual, this past week's New Releases included a few old albums. In this case, it was the re-release of a couple of old Ozzy Osbourne records. Fully remastered, blah blah blah, like the countless re-releases before them. What was so noteworthy, and what so surprised me, was what "remixed" meant.


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