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"Political Season!" "Duck Season!"

September 4 2004 11:19 PM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

I've generally been apolitical on this site, and it's been pretty easy to do. I've spent most of this year caring (surprisingly) little about politics. It seemed like it's been something that everyone has been talking about, but I've still been a little apathetic. Which, honestly, is moderately surprising, granted that I was the 17-year-old trying to convince my 18-year-old classmates to vote for Bill Clinton in 1992 because I couldn't.

But, this week, I feel like I've been turned on my head. Seeing Zell Miller (who I, as a long-time Georgia resident, have never been a fan of) rant like an idiot at the RNC is part of it. Yet it's more than that: this week, I really started to notice how many people seem to be buying the Bush party line. It's like everyone's been brainwashed. Until this week, I think I honestly believed that people would look back over the last four years, realize how crappy things have been, and vote him out. But now I'm not so sure.

Maybe it's because I've spent the last year and a half exploring life outside the general American media, reading sites like Matthew Good's MBlog and watching news coverage on CNN International (as opposed to their US counterpart). The outside view of the US is vastly different than what we generally see, and the variance is frightening.

Four years ago, I was entirely convinced that Gore would win in a landslide. Now, I'm nearly convinced that we're bound for a second Bush term. I hope, for our sake, that I'm just as incorrect now as I was in 2000.

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