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Man Size Wads

September 6 2004 12:35 AM ET (Permalink) (Comment)


This cracked me up. I distinctly remember bugging my parents to buy Big League Chew when we were in Ogletree's or Eckerd's, and being elated the once or twice somebody gave it out as a party favor. I never quite got around to shoving the entire pack in my mouth, but I'm sure I thought about it. But grape only, none of that regular bubblegum reek. Nothing said cool like fake chewing tobacco.

Actually, my favorite gums of all time were Bubble Yum's "Wild Cherry" and Bubblicious' "Luscious Lime" (lemon/lime). Both were sadly discontinued before their time. I still have a couple of packs of Wild Cherry, but they just don't taste the same now that they're twelve years old. (Seriously, where do you find a pack of twenty-three-year-old Big League Chew? On second thought, maybe I don't wanna know.)

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