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GMail Invite Giveaway

September 2 2004 01:42 AM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

Okay, I still can't figure the allure of the whole GMail thing. It's email, for crying out loud. Two gigs of space, sure. But I barely use the ten megs in my other accounts, and I typically get hacked off if someone sends me a mega-sized file without warning me. (Maybe just because I'm "old" and rigid in my 90's-era ways. I still don't use a cellphone, and it freaks my friends out.)

But if you happen to have missed out on the GMail bandwagon thus far and are looking for a decent chance to get an invite, Kevin Rose (of G4TechTv's The Screen Savers) has organized a Gmail Invite Giveaway. Two of them, actually - one on Friday at 8pm ET and one on Tuesday at 7pm ET. Basically, he's got somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 invites to give away. Friday seems like the better shot, since Tuesday's will be held in tandem with an episode of TSS.


(Of course, I doubt it'll be quite so "secret" by Friday...)

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