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caogirl: on the subject of said:

i have 10 photos on my site now. it's kind of a start right?

Chris B: on the subject of Board Reopened said:

Okay, I've made a few modifications, so the board is now open for business. Or, you can sit back and watch the tumbleweeds roll on by...

Chris B: on the subject of Locking Down the Comment Board said:

I'm locking down the Comment Board for the time being. Drop me a line if you need anything.

Chris B: on the subject of updating said:

Strangely enough, I saw it for the first time yesterday. I was all excited, until I saw it only had five photos. :)

I'm telling ya, it's not too late for us to create

caogirl: on the subject of updating said:

i gave up on updating my site and made a blog instead, where i have posted all of four photos. amazing.

paul kemp: on the subject of Trash Treasury said:

Well, there's still plenty of gems, as well as the additional instrumentals and other bits and pieces that leaked.

If you havent yet, check out my site for these and more:

Chris B: on the subject of Re: Basement II said:

I'm not sure. I couldn't help but notice that several of the tracks in the ZIP are previously released on EPs and whatnot - about half of the ZIP is available on iTunes. (Which made me suspicious of the ZIP's m4a format.)

I dl'ed the Jackpot demo of "Amanda Cecilia" and they sound the same, save that the Basement II version sounds like a different (and better) mix. So I'm wondering if the song was considered for inclusion on Basement, and that maybe some of these are sourced from the pool of mixes that Schnapf and company worked on for Basement.

Elliott clearly shared some of his unfinished tracks with friends and such, hence Sean Croghan's cover of "High Times" on the recent Portland tribute. So I'm betting some of these came from folks who either received the tracks from Elliott or knew people who did.

Mostly speculation, though. Whoever put the ZIP together doesn't seem to be talking, perhaps for good reason.

Thunderbroom: on the subject of Elliott Smith songs leaked said:

I just read the article on, as well as Elliott's official site, Is there any other information about who leaked it and if any legal action was to be taken? The song you posted is actually an old song that originally surfaced as a demo recording about 3 or 4 years ago so unless it's a new take on the song, I'm not sure if it's an actual "outtake". Anyway, if you have any other info, I'd be interested.

Eric: on the subject of The Hurricane and I said:

Incase I'm out of reach I'm trying to keep this up to date:

Chris B: on the subject of Re: checking in said:

Yeah, I'm cool, thanks. That last entry was basically a downer moment after scrolling through my site and realizing I haven't done anything in weeks.

Things are still pretty much the same, save that I've actually got some basic song ideas recorded. I'm somehow motivated again, even if it probably won't be finished for months.

the one and only K.: on the subject of checking in said:

Are you okay, Chris?

Chris B: on the subject of the site said:

Time to kick in to Or better yet, let's merge our sites into I think people would visit.

How sad is this page? My post about Courtney was in January. This post = August. (Noted only because it'll only be three posts down at the end of the year.)

caogirl: on the subject of don't wipe the site! said:

at least you have a site. mine hasn't ever been a real site... i'm so busy working on that other, much larger website... i'll never get to it!

p.s. courtney looks a lot better these days.

Chris B: on the subject of Re: neglected site said:

You know, sometimes, I feel like I should wipe the whole thing. Ugh.

Eric: on the subject of neglected site said:

Your site seems so lonely. Give it some attention Chris

Chris B: on the subject of Re: Ack said:

Thanks! Sadly, it's gone from throat to cough to running nose. Fortunately, no fever thus far (as far as I know).

Oh, and at least I'm not Courtney Love:

Reminder: just say no to drugs. They're a bitch to get away from. But, then again, so's Courtney.