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I'm an Unabashed Hypocrite

September 9 2004 01:49 AM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

Okay, so the other day I ranted about GMail, esentially painting the picture that I had no interest in it and wouldn't worry about trying to score an Invite.

Enh. I scored one during that GMail Invite Giveaway. Yes, I'm a hypocrite. I think my curiosity got the best of me.

Strangely, as soon as I logged in, I came to the same conclusion as I had before: what's the big deal here? And then I felt like a chump for taking an invite that someone else could have scored.

With the domains I own, I have practically an unlimited number of email accounts at my disposal. And if you've ever emailed me, you know that I very rarely actually compose emails. (Far less often than I should.)

Anyway, if Google is dumb enough to send me Invites, I'll pass them along.

And if you feel like flooding the GMail account that I will probably never use, it's csblackb at gmail.

Random thought for the day:

After reading this post in Wil Wheaton's blog, I thought to myself: whatever happened to the name Grover? A hundred years ago, it was presidential. Now, it's a purple monster. It's hard to imagine someone naming their kid Grover.

Then again, it's hard to imagine someone naming their kid Espn.

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