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December 2004

Jeff Buckley - Everybody Here Wants You
Franz Ferdinand - This Fffire
Delgados - Mr Blue Sky [Stream / MP3]
FaultSide - (Tell Me) What You Waiting For (Stefani vs Sugar) [Download]
FaultSide/Lenlow - Beneath a Tidal Wave [Download]
Fugazi - Waiting Room
Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart - Old Habits Die Hard
Jet - Look What You've Done
Jimmy Eat World - Just Tonight...
Jimmy Eat World - Nothingwrong
Limblifter - Get Money
Love Spit Love - It Hurts When I Laugh
Ocean Blue - Between Something and Nothing
Matthew Good Band - Strangest One of All
Matthew Good Band - Under the Influence
Razorlight - Golden Touch
R.E.M. - Electron Blue
The Shore - Hard Road [Stream / WMA]
Tragically Hip - It Can't Be Nashville Every Night [Stream / RealOne]
Elliott Smith - Let's Get Lost
Elliott Smith - Pretty (Ugly Before)

I listened to Jeff Buckley's Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk several years ago at my cousin's, and just couldn't get into it. (Admittedly, spending a few minutes with an album isn't always the best way to figure out if you like it.) Recently, "Everybody Here Wants You" inexplicably entered my head. I poked through some of the tracks on iTunes, and now I think I may have to pick up the album.

The Delgados' cover of ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" was recorded at a Peel Session, and was played during the recent tribute shows on BBC Radio 1 after Peel's death. It was cited as one of his favorites.

Nothing quite like turning a random pop song into a screaming rock tune. "What You Waiting For" goes rock with some help from Sugar via FaultSide.

I normally don't include tracks of mine on mixes, but make exceptions if some percentage of the track belongs to someone else. I'm really psyched about how "Beneath a Tidal Wave" turned out.

Yep, the re-record of Franz Ferdinand's "This Fire" is definitely an improvement over the original.

When I do catering work, we often keep the radio tuned to the local new-and-old-rock station (aka 92.9 Dave FM), mainly because they play a broad enough mix that we don't get burned out on it. They've been spinning "Old Habits Die Hard" a good bit, and it's caught on with me. (It's from the Alfie soundtrack.)

Fugazi's "Waiting Room" is a song that I somehow never heard before hearing it during the Peel tributes. One of my classmates in high school was a huge Fugazi fan, as were at least one of my bandmates. It's not like I haven't been exposed to Fugazi. (Seriously - "No Surprise" is on my April 1999 mix.) I'm actually staggered by the fact that I've been such a fan of indie music for so long, yet somehow missed out on this.

Jet makes the Mix only because I heard it at the 99x Mistletoe Jam and hearing it reminds me of the show. To me, "Look What You've Done" sounds like a bunch of songs, including Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home". And I don't mean that in a good way. I like the video, though.

I'm still spinning Jimmy Eat World's Futures, but I'm having trouble really getting into about half of the album. The upbeat songs are great, but some of the mid-tempo numbers have major lyrical issues that send chills up my spine. Too high-school oriented. Seriously, these guys are my age: pushing thirty.

Limblifter toured Canada with Matthew Good recently. "Get Money" was the first single off their most recent release. A great song.

Every now and again, I pull out an old CD and see if there are any tracks I missed out on during the initial spins. Recently, I picked up Love Spit Love's 1997 release Trysome Eatone and found "It Hurts When I Laugh".

My long trek through Matthew Good's catalog brings in one from Underdogs and one from Audio of Being.

The Ocean Blue's "Between Something and Nothing" is just a great early 90s alternative tune. I had a conversation recently with a friend about the sound of some pre-Nirvana alternative music, and how it never really found a wide audience. (Teenage Fanclub's recent greatest hits compilation spurred the conversation.) There was a certain echoey guitar sound, particularly in the whole "shoegazer" vibe of the period (early Lush, Stone Roses). That sound was so prevalent in alternative music up until probably early 1994, where there harsher grunge-influenced guitar sound finally took over.

The jury's still out for me on R.E.M.'s Around the Sun. "Electron Blue" goes on here only because it appealed to me on first listen, and I occasionally use mixes to help me figure out if I actually like a song.

I heard this Tragically Hip single on a sampler, and I like it. Nicely catchy.

Some of this stuff dates back to November. I had Elliott Smith's "Pretty (Ugly Before)" in my head when I was waiting in line to vote.

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