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February 2005

A Perfect Circle - Passive
BRAT - 99 Hits (Beastie Boys vs Jay-Z) [Download]
Casino - Fallen Out of Love [Download]
Collapsis - Charyou Tree [Download - Live]
Denver Harbor - Outta My Head
FaultSide - Gwen's Alarm Clock (Stefani vs The Alarm) [Download]
Feeder - Bitter Glass
Mike Garrigan - Water & Wine [Download]
GHP - Alive and Nellified (Mooney Suzuki vs Nelly) [Download]
Manic Street Preachers - Mausoleum (US Mix)
Manic Street Preachers - If White America... (US Mix)
Matthew Good Band - Fall of Man
Matthew Good Band - Inescapable Us
Postal Service - Such Great Heights
Elliott Smith - Twilight
Talk Talk - Give It Up
The Trews - Fleeting Trust
Verve Pipe - Penny Is Poison

A Perfect Circle. Radio single.

I haven't really been feeling a lot of the mash-up scene's stuff lately. GHP's "Alive and Nellified" is okay. I really like BRAT's Beastie Boys vs Jay-Z "99 Hits". I love that riff from the Jay-Z tune, and that the track "reunites" Rick Rubin and the Beasties. (Rubin co-produced "99 Problems" and produced the Beasties' Licensed to Ill.)

I downloaded Casino's "Fallen Out of Love" from Record of the Day at the end of December. Nice song (lyrics are a little dicey). But really really really bad band name. Seriously. One of the top words in comment spam? "Casino". They will be buried on the web (as they already seem to be). As it turns out, they're unsigned (this is apparently a demo) - they should seriously consider changing their name before the album comes out.

"Charyou Tree" is a track from Collapsis' 1998 Chartreuse EP. I was a Collapsis regular back between 1998 and 2000. Seeing Mike play recently reminded me of those days. I pulled out an old bootleg and rediscovered this song, which hadn't made a Mix previously. (The EP was out of print for years, but one of the band's distributors recently discovered a batch of several hundred copies - how do you lose several hundred copies? - so Mike's made them available on his website.)

I heard this Denver Harbor single recently. It's the second song I've heard from them, and they've both been rather catchy. The pre-chorus sounds vaguely 80s for some reason, but in a good way.

"Bitter Glass" is from Feeder's forthcoming Pushing the Senses.

I've heard for a couple of years about the brilliance of the Manic Street Preachers' The Holy Bible. (I heard "Faster" back in 2003 with their greatest hits album, Forever Delayed, and dug it quite a bit.) The album's been described as this dark masterpiece, and I do seem to have an affinity for dark-ish music. Sadly, the album has never been released in the States. There's talk that the 10th Anniversary Edition is going to be released here in March, which includes what would have been the US Mix of the album. (The album was remixed by Tom Lord-Alge, but the US release was scrapped when the Manics' guitarist disappeared in early 1995.) I heard the US Mix of "Mausoleum" and "If White America...", and now I'm going to have to make the hard decision of whether or not to plunk down $25 (it's one of those "expanded" editions) for the set. (I've got a rant about these "expanded" sets, but I'll save that for another day.)

I've still been giving frequent spins to the Matthew Good Band's Audio of Being and Underdogs, hence those two tracks.

"Such Great Heights" - resisted, resisted, resisted. Ignored it when it came on, even on commercials. Feh. I lose.

When I went to see The Incredibles this month, I heard Elliott Smith's "Memory Lane" on the AMC Radio thingy that was playing in the bathroom. I laughed, as I'd just thrown in From a Basement on a Hill on the drive there after not having listened to it for several weeks.

I picked up Talk Talk's Natural History in December, and am amazed by how many songs on it I like. "It's My Life" was one of my absolute favorites as a kid, and I discovered "Life's What You Make It" during my 2003 jaunt to Montreal.

I heard The Trews' "Fleeting Trust" on a sampler. I know absolutely nothing about them, other than that they're apparently pretty popular in Canada.

I pulled out the Verve Pipe's Villains in late December for a long-distance drive, having not listened to the album in years. I spun that disc like crazy back in the summer of 1996. It was surprising how many songs I simply didn't remember, and yet the lyrics kept flowing out of my mouth like I'd been listening to it for weeks.

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