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January 29 2005 11:44 PM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

From: Pitchfork Media: Get That Out of Your Mouth

Many people just dump their mp3s on their own sites, like a distress call from the middle of the Atlantic, and hope that somebody's listening.

Now, who would do a thing like that? ;)

I think I'd be more vigilant if I were touring and playing shows and such. But, as many of you are already aware, me playing a show is a sign of the apocalypse.

Speaking of which, Friday marked the second anniversary of Once Every Never finally existing in a form other than on my computer. I went ahead and uploaded one more tune, "Thwarted Needs", just to mark the occasion. (And because I'd already uploaded it to the Myspace account that I have yet to do much with.)

Granted my lack of vocal power in the past week or more, I spent some time tinkering with some older recordings. And I mean older recordings. The first batch of real four-track recordings I ever made were thrown together in a fourteen hour mess back in May of 1995. Drum parts were written and recorded at the same time, basslines were written on the fly, and some songs lacked lyrics until the dead last minute. (The drumming was particularly awkward, granted that I wouldn't possess a drum set for another two years.) And, seriously - all but the drums were recorded in my dorm room. Mostly a mess, but it gave me something to give some friends when I got home, and it ended up turning into a band.

I've been threatening for years to "release" the studio demos (eight songs) that said band (called Stoneykirk) recorded that summer. My cousin helped me convert the DAT of the final mixes to CD-R a couple of years ago; they're just waiting for mastering. Someday.

But there are a couple of songs on the four-track demos that didn't get re-recorded, and never got decent mixes (granted that I didn't know what I was doing). So, granted the illness, I spent a short amount of time working on it this week.

Yet I keep pondering to myself: why bother? Does anybody really care about the stuff I recorded ten years ago? Is this just a diversion from the new stuff I should be working on?

Feh. As long as I'm coughing, I'll use it as an excuse.

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