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January 19 2005 12:12 AM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

A couple of weeks ago, one of my housemates noted that he was going out of town from Friday to this Wednesday. Perfect, I thought. This would give me plenty of time to record vocals and whatnot. (I seem to have this mental hang-up that prevents me from recording when anyone else is in the house. My other housemate tends to be gone most of the day.)

Wednesday rolls around, and I get a phone call about helping out with catering work on Friday and Saturday. No way I'm going to turn that down to record vocals. Sunday's already out because of the usual Sunday madness, so I aim to record on Monday.

Naturally, I forget that Monday's a holiday. It's just like Sunday. No recording.

Monday night, I get the tickle. The throat tickle. I know I'm in trouble.

I wake up Tuesday with full-blown sore throat, accompanied by a nice full head. And I laugh: just last week, I'd pondered to myself that I hadn't been sick in a while (and I'd pondered how few vocals I'd recorded during all of that time of not being sick).

Of course, this nukes Wednesday, too. I'm helping with catering, anyway, so it wouldn't have happened with or without the sore throat. The house will be back to its normal routine on Thursday.

The sad part is that crap like this has happened the last several times I've tried to record vocals. I'm starting to wonder if God or Fate has decided that I've recorded all the vocals I'm ever going to record. You will not finish these songs. Feh.

Or maybe this is just payback for the phenomenal weather we'd had through last Thursday. I seem to typically get sick when the weather changes.

I guess I've got one fewer complaint: my other housemate got a flu shot last Wednesday and came down with a full-blown upper respiratory infection this past weekend. The two events seem to be unrelated, but it certainly had us wondering before the diagnosis. (Had to wonder if I needed to blame that flu shot on whatever crap I've got now.)

And, no I didn't get a flu shot this year. The betting windows are still open.

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