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January 9 2005 11:12 PM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

I somehow missed this article from the Chicago Sun-Times from last week, but I think it covers a lot of the issues of what I was mumbling about the other day.

Chicago Sun-Times: Perfect Pitch

It's an in-depth article about the indie website Pitchfork. I'll admit that I read the site regularly. But I have to admit that I seriously dislike some of their more brazen and obnoxious reviews. The site has often seethed pretension. Sometimes, it can be funny, but usually, it's completely unnecessary.

It seems like it's been toned down of late, though. Not sure if that's thanks to the departure of longtime reviewer/contributor Brent DiCrescenzo or to the site's semi-recent realization of its value to the indie community.

It actually seems strange to see an article about a site like Pitchfork in a mainstream newspaper. Tells you how things have changed in the last few years.

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