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February 5 2005 02:41 AM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

The last couple of months, I really started getting the feeling that this site has become a lumbering clusterfuck of outdated ideas. There are some good ideas and writings lying around, but it's generally hard to find anything, and the organization is particularly atrocious. So I spent part of tonight moving things around, just to see if I could simplify what's here.

Now Playing has more or less been phased out. I just haven't felt like it's accurately represented what I've wanted to say about new music. I've tended to write either when I've just discovered an album (hence, before I can make any good judgement of it) or long after the fact (when I've already pretty much burned out on it). I'm going to try to figure out some way to talk about new music, but I haven't figured that one out yet.

I folded Articles, Musings, Cartoons, and My Websites into a section called Other Projects. I'm not sure if/when most of these sections will be updated again, and it just seemed redundant to have them all listed on every page. I did fold the Musings entries into the "Search Blog" field (on the main Blog page), so one search will search them both.

I've got many more changes in mind. I'm ready for a new design, too, granted that this one debuted in the summer of 2002. But I'm not sure if/when that's going to happen.

In random entertainment whatever:

Yahoo! News: Search on for Next Bond to Star in 'Casino Royale'

The original Casino Royale is a rather bizarre movie, a seemingly random comedy spoof of Bond films. When I was a kid, though, I dug the music, for some strange reason. Especially the hyper Herb Alpert theme that runs during the lengthy last scene of the movie. As it goes, there's a serious Bond book called Casino Royale, so this new one won't be a comedy.

If Ewan McGregor takes the role, they should make him do it in his Sean Connery voice from Trainspotting. That's probably the only way they could get me to run to a theater to see a Bond film. (I think the last one I saw in a theater was The Living Daylights.)

Then again, I'm not exactly the movie industry's target audience as far as theater-going. I finally caught The Incredibles this past Tuesday, after hearing raves about it for weeks from friends and family. Man, they weren't kidding. The 14-year-old comic book geek in my head was going bananas throughout the movie.

BoingBoing: Dinner with Joe Grand

Strangely enough, I have driven by the UFO house (in Chattanooga) more than once, but, for the life of me, I cannot remember why.

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