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February 17 2005 10:50 PM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

Link: The Mixes

I mentioned before that I dropped Now Playing because I didn't think it was working as I'd hoped. Here's the replacement.

For years, I've been making mix tapes/CDs of songs. Early on, I decided to mark each mix with the date that the mix was made. At the time, it just made it easier to name the tapes. But later, it also became handy for nostalgia purposes.

I kept thinking about how to talk about new music, and it just seemed like the most blisteringly obvious method available. I haven't made the actual mixes in a while, but I've still been keeping a list of songs for the period - so why not put those lists to good use?

For now, I've got the last two "mixes" online. I may add more of the older ones. (I've got lists and tapes dating back to December of 1990, so there are quite a few to choose from.)

For more info, read About The Mixes.

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