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MP3: "Beneath a Tidal Wave"

November 18 2004 01:50 AM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

If you're one of the three regulars of this site, you've probably seen me mention "mash-ups" several times.

Earlier this year, a masher named Lenlow put together a really amazing instrumental mash called "Sweet Child O Ravi". It combined elements from songs by the Doves, Norah Jones, and Guns 'n Roses, among others. (Listen carefully, and you can catch repositioned bits of Slash's intro to "Sweet Child O' Mine", particularly during the louder parts of the song.)

Somebody got the bright idea to rearrange the order of the parts, write lyrics for the song, and record vocals to make a new song called "Beneath a Tidal Wave". And the vocals ended up being mine.

I'm actually really proud of the way it turned out, even if it's completely outside the realm of what I would normally do on my own.

Download: FaultSide/Lenlow - Beneath a Tidal Wave

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