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John Peel 1939-2004

October 26 2004 09:10 PM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

Tuesday, we lost one of the true geniuses of modern radio. He broke more bands than you can possibly imagine, and the names are giant: The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Smiths, New Order...

I can't add much to what's been said elsewhere. What's most noteworthy is the music.

BBC Radio 1 (where he'd worked since its inception) spent Tuesday paying tribute to John through music. Fortunately, they archive their broadcasts for a week. Worth hearing (all commercial-free):

The Lockup, featuring a wide array of Peel's favorite songs.

Steve Lamacq, playing select tracks from the untold number of Peel Sessions that John recorded over the last thirty years, including Jimi Hendrix, Joy Division, Nirvana, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

The links should last until early Tuesday, 11/2.

(If you're worred about RealOne, the BBC negotiated a completely spyware-free version, which you can download here.)

Also, check out Radio 1's Webcast, as they're planning to use his time slot (6pm-8pm ET) Wednesday and Thursday to feature more Peel Session tracks.

The word "legend" is often mis-used, but John Peel is absolutely worthy of the title.

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