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"If You Had Seen What I Have Seen"

October 12 2004 01:58 AM ET (Permalink) (Comment)


Sadly, I remember seeing Scott Ritter (former UN weapons inspector in Iraq) on CNN back in March of 2003 insisting that Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction. I remember thinking to myself, "how does he know for sure?" and postulating that he was just siding with the Iraqis / the French / the Germans / his own politics / whoever. (Honestly, though I questioned Ritter, I was never 100% behind the war. I remember thinking that I didn't really care one way or the other whether we invaded. So closer to 50/50.)

So, here he is a year and a half later, and the Duelfer report shows that he was right. So I'm not at all upset in hearing his version of "I told you so".

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