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Desperate Days in Blue John Canyon

September 10 2004 10:45 PM ET (Permalink) (Comment)


Just watched this Dateline NBC special. Remember the guy who got trapped in a canyon and had to cut off part of his arm to survive? Tom Brokaw accompanied him back to the cave where it happened.

I don't normally watch this stuff, but it was seriously good.

I think the part that struck me the most was that he actually tried to do the amputation several days before he actually did it. The impetus that it was finally time came only after he accidentally struck his thumb on the trapped hand and discovered that it was already decomposing.

After watching that show, it's even harder to believe that he was able to survive.

And even after going through such a horrible ordeal, he says that it completely transformed him in a positive way. It gave him total motivation for the rest of his life, even though it cost him his hand.

I watched that and couldn't help but think: you know, my life is so intrinsically vanilla, almost by design. It's hard not to occasionally wish for some kind of left-field motivation to carry me through to something else.

Okay, but just not motivation that involves intense pain and loss of limb. Yikes. I'll take a nice moderate redirection, thanks.

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