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Disappointment in the Human Race
Added: August 10 2004

It's been so long that I logged in to update this site that, for a second, I thought I'd forgotten my username/password. Ouch.

This summer has just been a blur. If I were still in school, I would be stunned how quickly the new term had arrived. Well, actually, I would've had some help: I seem to remember starting classes the last week of August when I was in school, yet the local high schools now start the first or second week of August. Enh, sucks to be them.

Strangely, even with all of the recent political debating, I can't say I've had that much to talk about. Hence the silence here.

One thing that happened last night disturbed the hell out of me.

Okay, if you'd read much of this site, you'll know that I play Ultimate Frisbee. The league in Atlanta has the distinction of having to use fields in what would be considered, in some cases, really crappy parts of town.

One field in particular is in the middle of a relatively sketchy neighborhood. Urban blight, I suppose. We've had issues there in the past, such as "neighbors" showing up with weapons, car break-ins, etc. It's been to the point that we've occasionally had to hire security guards to watch the parking area, particularly for night games.

On a post about three weeks ago in our league's forum, someone mentioned that there was a deceased dog (described as a puppy) off of the side of one of the fields, and that the stench from its decomposition was fully unbearable. Someone responded to say that they'd called the city and were told that it would be taken care of.

Last night was my team's first games at that location in a few weeks. This season, out of the two fields there, we've played almost all of our games on the far field, which was where we played our first game last night. For our second game, we moved to the other field.

About half-way through the second game, as we're sitting on the bleachers, someone points out something on the far end of said bleachers. It's a partially decomposed dog. Shocking, sure, but that's not what's really shocking about it.

I can't help but notice that there's a rusty chain in the general area of the dog, and it's wrapped around the bleachers in a haphazard fashion.

While I'm on the field for the next point, one of my teammates finds a trash bag nearby, and he and another teammate work to put the carcass in the bag. When I come off the field, I inquire about the chain.

Affirmative. The chain was wrapped around the dog's neck.

Somebody actually wrapped a chain around a dog's neck, wrapped said chain around the bleachers, and either left it there to die in the hot Atlanta summer or killed it on the spot. And left its body there to rot.

Seriously, I wanted to hurt somebody. I cannot fathom that somebody in the human race would do something like that.

I hated that neighborhood with a passion before last night. But, now, the hate just ticked up a notch.

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