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Answers from the Home Front
Added: November 15 2003

Read: [Notes from the Home Front]

My life really does seem to go through three-week swings. Things look awkward and weird for a while, then work themselves out somehow.

Part Two

I spoke (briefly) on Saturday to the guy I was too "chicken-sh*t" to talk to about Sarasota. I didn't ask him directly what happened, but what he said basically confirmed my guess. He ended up having someone else take care of bringing in observers to the tournament. And, from what I gathered in other conversations, it sounded like they grabbed a number of the folks from the college series, which I've never really worked in save for a couple of tournaments. It sounded like they ended up with a solid pool of observers.

And there might have been a bright side to me not going. That Saturday, I started feeling like complete garbage. By Sunday, I was a mess. Sore throat, general awfulness. My father came down with something similar almost to the day, while my mother had been sick for a couple of days. We started wondering if we all picked something up at the wedding. I spent Monday in bed. I can't imagine what it would have been like if I'd had to drive home from Sarasota feeling like that.

So am I going to quit Observing? Hmm, let's see. I worked two games Saturday at a local college tournament, and I'm scheduled to work (up to) five more on Sunday. (Of course, you never know what might happen if I have a bad day of it.)

Part Three

By that Thursday, I still hadn't gotten an answer from Registerfly, and figured I was screwed.

Then, I got an email asking me to note in the Support Ticket the domain I was trying to buy. I followed the instruction. By Saturday, I got another email telling me I was the proud owner of the domain name.

The coolest part: they didn't bill me for it. Not even for the price difference.

All I can say is, Registerfly is back on my "Good" list. It might have taken longer than I would have liked, but they definitely earned my respect by making it right. Earthlink can suck it.

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