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March 28 2011 11:37 AM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

For anyone arriving here through a random search and getting redirected to this page - apologies. The site was hit by a spammer, who uploaded a php file and a hacked htaccess file that added a bunch of spam pages to the site, containing a boatload of nonsense that the search engines picked up as actual search material.

I wiped out all of their code (a whopping two files), but it's taking weeks for the search engines (particularly Google) to remove all of the dead pages. (Frustratingly, it only took a day and a half for Google to index all of them in the first place.) And the urls were completely random, so it'd take me two days to submit all of the links for removal.

This is (sadly) the second time this has happened. I finally figured out how they got in (they somehow determined the FTP password for the site), so I'm hoping I can prevent it from happening again. Both attacks were orchestrated via the same IP (, so that's been blocked as well.

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