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Pictures in Luminance

January 23 2007 12:23 AM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

Photo by Duane Storey

So far, so not so good on the blogging front.

I'm starting to think that part of the skill of blogging is in posting random stuff when you find it. The above is one example. Spotted via after clicking through a few other pictures.

The picture is part of a semi-recent photo technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR). Basically, folks take multiple pictures (using different exposures) from the same position, then manipulate and merge the pictures to form a single image.

I think my favorites of these are subtle, where the photograph has some subtle luminance as opposed to looking overprocessed. I'll see if I can retrack a few of my past faves. If you want to see more, check out Flickr's HDR Pool.

Clip for Today

What the heck. In the same spirit as the last clip, here's one of my all-time favorite songs, even if it took me eight years to realize that the lyrics at the end of the chorus were: "I know your kind and I know where your loyalties lie." Still amazing that Lush went from "For Love" to this song in a couple of years.

YouTube's also got a killer live version of this song.

Lush - "Hypocrite"

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