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YouTube: Sunny Day Real Estate

January 4 2006 04:35 PM ET (Permalink) (Comment)

"Seven" (Live)
Sunny Day Real Estate
from 120 Minutes

Thought I might try something crazy.

I got a video capture card for Christmas, and spent a short amount of time running through old videotapes to find some things worth converting.

If I've got anything that amounts to "treasure" in my boxes and boxes of videotapes, it's the random stock of tv performances from the 90s. In particular, I've got a ton of performances from MTV's 120 Minutes. Most of them only aired once before being banished to MTV's archives. (From the way some of the hosts talked about the performances in later years, it sounds like they had some kind of contractual limitations on re-airing performances.)

But a lot of them are really, really good. So I figured I'd try converting a few and uploading them to YouTube.

Of course, the good question is whether this is legal or not. If I do this regularly at all, it's going to be the stuff that hasn't been officially released (they released a 120 Minutes compilation CD in 1998). But, hopefully, if they decide that this is improper, they'll just wipe the file. I don't wanna get sued.

Anyway, first up is one of my favorite bands playing one of my favorite songs. My cousin taped this (120 Minutes' year-end performance special in 1994) and almost taped over it in 1998 with reruns of Miami Vice. (Oh, I'd have killed him.)

In particular: watch drummer Will Goldsmith absolutely rip this song. His work with Sunny Day Real Estate is still some of my all-time favorite drumming. (You can tell that some of my drumming style, particularly on "Turn Away / Fade" and "Time (Frame of Mind)", came from Goldsmith, if not solely from this song.) There's one "fill" (if you can call it that) in particular near the end of the second verse that's just amazing to watch.

And, yep, that's Nate of the Foo Fighters on bass.

Ahh, "emo" before the word became a slur.

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